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Cloud Credits Available for Researchers

To facilitate use and evaluation of the Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC) Pilots, NCI is providing credits to researchers to use on the platforms. The credits are available directly through each of the CGC Pilots.

Three tiers of credits are available per platform:

Tier Amount Description Requirements
1 $300 Given upon registration with one of the CGCs Registration on one or more of the CGC Platforms
2 $1,000 Available after initial credits are depleted Provide feedback, if requested by the CGC Platform
3 Up to $10,000 Available after tier 2 credits are depleted, to begin a large or collaborative project (two or more researchers working on a project together) Provide project details:
  • Scientific goals
  • Level of support required
  • Collaboration team
  • Tools that will be used

Users are also free to set up billing accounts directly with any of the three CGC platforms.

For each of the three tiers above, the specific CGC Pilot will coordinate directly with individual researchers to provide the credits for use on the platform. For tier 3 projects, the CGC Pilots will also consult with the researchers to provide support and suggest approaches that may expedite and reduce the cost of the project.

Important Notes

  • All unused cloud credits provided by NCI will expire September 27, 2017, or on the date provided by the CGC Pilot.
  • Since these platforms are pilots, researchers should have no expectation that their data or tools will be maintained after the Cloud Pilots program is completed on September 27, 2017.
  • If a researcher has used all his/her credits and is still storing data on one of the CGC Cloud platforms, it is the researcher's responsibility to get more credits, arrange for billing, or download any data they wish to keep.

The tier 3 credits are meant to be used on a per-project basis. Collaborators working together on one project should not apply for multiple tier 3 credits.