NCI Computer Services

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NCI Computer Services (NCS)

NCS manages the IT infrastructure for the NCI enterprise. This includes the hardware, hardware-maintenance contracts, software, network, labor, structures, and IT policies required to support the scientific and administrative activities of the Institute. These services play a critical role in advancing the NCI mission and include the following:

  • Desktop-computer and user support
  • Core information technology support
  • Network management and operations support
  • Unified communications support
  • Information-security support
  • Centralized network storage
  • Centralized web and web-application hosting

NCI employees can visit the NCI Computer Services Intranet for more information about services provided to the NCI enterprise.

The NCI Computer Services Intranet is accessible to NCI employees only when they are behind the NCI firewall or using the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Employees who still have connectivity issues under these conditions should contact the NIH IT Service Desk at